Khan Academy Oʻzbek team expresses its sincere gratitude to EBRD’s Community Initiative and Kamola Makhmudova, Senior Banker, founder of Khan Academy Oʻzbek’s fundraising campaign. The financing of the Khan Academy Oʻzbek has been achieved through a close collaboration with EBRD from the initiation of the project:

In August 2018, the EBRD’s Community Initiative shortlisted Khan Academy Oʻzbek among other projects due to its innovative nature and social impact in the local community.

In October 2018, with the guidance and leadership of Kamola Makhmudova the EBRD’s Community Initiative approved the Khan Academy Oʻzbek as a recipient of the EBRD’s matching contribution subject to (I) registration of the non-for profit organization; (II) provision of the eligible business plan and (III) successful fundraising.

In January 2019, NGO “Bilim Onlayn” has been registered with the state authorities of Uzbekistan to officially take the management of Khan Academy Oʻzbek.

In May 2019, the fundraising campaign for Khan Academy Oʻzbek has officially kicked off. The dedicated pages have been created on “GoFundMe”, “PayMe”, “Click” and other local networks, including locally in Uzbekistan and actively promoted personally by Kamola Makhmudova and “Bilim Onlayn” team. In total EUR 52,000 have been raised. Among all the sources, the “GoFundMe” page created and prompted by EBRD’s team raised EUR 53,000 as of September 2019, and over EUR 113,000 by the close of the fundraising campaign.

In September 2019, after successful fulfillment of EBRD’s Community Initiative requirements and raising of over EUR 50,000, EBRD has made its matching contribution towards Khan Academy Oʻzbek, doubling the total raised amount as of September 2019 to EUR 102,000.

Since the establishment of Khan Academy Oʻzbek and its successful collaboration with EBRD, Khan Academy Oʻzbek attracted more than 200,000 USD which will be used to improve the access to and quality of education of more than 5.8 million Uzbek speaking pupils enrolled into secondary education.

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